Thank you, Ash Ambirge


Ash Ambirge

Ash Ambirge is a gorgeously irreverent copywriter and online business type expert.

She is a shining example of how successful you can be when you are 100%, unequivocally YOU. She is a straight up, blunt-as-hell, business genius and every solopreneur or aspiring solopreneur needs to read everything she writes.

So, how did she change my life? Well, I’ve noticed a bit of a pattern on this blog – it seems to be the people I love the most and who have had the biggest influence on me are either the people I aspire to be like, or the people who make me feel like I know them. Ash Ambirge is the latter.

The way she shares her story in her blog posts makes me feel like I could meet up with her for a bottle of red and it would be like we’d known each other for ever. Okay, maybe that sounds a bit creepy stalker, but I’m sure you know what I mean. It’s clever marketing, but it’s also authentic, and as my word for 2013 is AUTHENTICITY it kinda hits the spot for me! Anyone being balls-to-the-wall authentic and absolutely NAILING it is true inspiration gold for me. Whenever I worry about being too ‘out there’ to run a successful business, I go and read a few of her posts and I feel much better.

So, thank you, Ash Ambirge for reminding me to never tone myself down, even in business situations (in fact, ESPECIALLY not in business situations!) but to always TONE IT UP!!

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  1. Ash @ The Middle Finger Project
    Ash @ The Middle Finger Project03-04-2014

    I never told you thank you. 🙂


    I loved that you did this gratitude challenge. <3

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