Thank you, Bob Burg & John David Mann


Bob Burg & John Mann

Bob Burg and John David Mann are a part of this project because of a little book called The Go-Giver.

Those of you who have been following this project for a while might remember me saying that the Narnia books are the best books ever written. Well, I stand corrected. The Go-Giver is (in my humble opinion) BETTER THAN NARNIA.

I know. I couldn’t believe it either. But there it is.

If you are in business, or even just a person, read it. And then read it again. And then have the five laws tattooed on your face so everyone who sees you can read it as well. It’s that good.

Thank you, Bob Burg and John David Mann, for writing the best book ever written. You moved me deeply, and restored my faith in humanity.

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  1. Bob Burg
    Bob Burg02-09-2014

    WOW, Eli. What an amazing post and very kind compliment regarding John David Mann’s and my book. Mere words cannot express what a great honor this is. So glad you found the book to be of value – especially as it ties into Gratitude. Again, huge thanks!!!!!

  2. John David Mann
    John David Mann04-16-2014

    Eli — I read the Narnia books in fifth grade, and they changed my life. Possibly my favorite books of all time, certainly of childhood. So, yeah … speechless here. 🙂 I cited The Last Battle in a piece I wrote recently about “the physics of giving” for a magazine in India — as soon as it’s available online I’ll tweet it! (It had to do with how the universe is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Gratitude is like that, too, isn’t it?)

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