Thank you, Byron Reese


Byron Reese

I had never heard of Byron Reese until this week, but what I got from this little TED talk was so powerful, I knew I had to shuffle things around a bit to include him in this project.

I have always had the fear that I am not great. I always wanted to be, but I got so bogged down in the complicated business of simply surviving every day, that I thought that I would never actually be able to. Even the THOUGHT of doing something to change the world and make a difference felt exhausting.

Quarter of an hour with Byron Reese changed everything for me. If he is right (and I totally believe that he is) then please consider this post my decision. I am great, and I am going to change the world.

Why not join me? Watch Byron’s talk to find out how:

Thank you, Byron Reese, for this enormously valuable tool. I’ll let you know when I’ve done my bit – or maybe it will be obvious? No more excuses.

Find out more about Byron Reese:

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  1. Byron Reese
    Byron Reese04-07-2014

    You are most welcome.

    And thank you to you as well…


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