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CS Lewis

C.S Lewis’ Narnia books are, in my opinion, some of the best books ever written. No, scratch that, they ARE the best books ever written! Even as an adult, I find myself using them as the yardstick against which all other books are measured.

It is hard to describe the profound affect these books had on me as a child, but the quote in the picture is a pretty good start; I felt I belonged in that fictional world. I was alone a lot when I was young; I was 6 years old before my only brother was born, and we moved house too regularly for me to settle down and form proper friendships. Narnia and her glorious characters were my constant companions. I longed for Narnia; every wardrobe, secret door, attic room or nautical painting got scrutinised, always with the hope that maybe this time I would be able to get home…

To Narnia and the North!

I felt that Narnia was my real home and that I had somehow been trapped in this world by accident. It became my safe place and a refuge from a world I always felt out of step with. During adolescence and early adulthood I returned to those books time and time again – they saw me through my parent’s divorce and my dad leaving us to move abroad. I ran away to Narnia to escape bullying, abuse and depression. In many ways, those books saved me.

I love his adult novels and theology books as well, but it’s Narnia that changed my life.

Thank you, C.S. Lewis, for creating a safe and wonderful place for me to run away to in times of strife. I am eternally grateful.

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