Thank you, Danielle LaPorte


Danielle LaPorte

Words kinda fail me when it comes to Danielle LaPorte.

She’s the creator of The Desire Map, which is a revolutionary goal setting formula based on how you want to feel (that seriously floats my boat), but it was her first book The Fire Starter Sessions which really got me paying attention. Reading it felt like one of those really proper talks with a wise friend, and when she started quoting Thomas Moore… Wow. I was hooked!

I think the most pertinent thing I learned from Danielle LaPorte was the concept of EASE. As in it’s supposed to be easy. And fun. And most importantly, what is the fucking point in slogging your guts out to get to a mythical destination where you can finally relax? Bollocks to that – relax now. Make it fun and easy now, and you’re already there (cue massive sigh of relief and much forehead slapping obviousness).

Plus; she’s Canadian, she’s a rocker and she’s pretty much the coolest person on the internet. I think one day she and I may be friends. I’d like that.

Thank you, Danielle LaPorte, for helping me get over myself and harness my workaholism as a force for good. You rock, sister.

Find out more about Danielle LaPorte:

  • Get your hands on The Desire Map – it will change your life, dramatically.
  • Read The Fire Starter Sessions. And buy a bigger handbag (or even a small trolley), because it’s a fairly hefty book and you’re gonna want to carry it around with you forever.
  • Read her blog. Then read it again.
  • Oh, and if there is anyone reading this who has even the most tenuous link with Radio 4, I would LOVE to hear Danielle on Desert Island Discs. I may even start a petition.

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