Thank you, Garret LoPorto


Garret LoPorto

Garret LoPorto is on this list for one reason, and one reason only.

That reason is this – The Wayseer Manifesto:

It’s brilliant, inspiring, exciting, uplifting and totally cheesy. I love it.

Watch it every morning for some serious air-punching hell-yeahs.

Thank you, Garret LoPorto, for making this video – 9 minutes and 51 seconds of awesome. Also, thank you for the line ‘the fascist dictatorship of your pre-frontal cortex‘. Genius.

Find out more about Garret LoPorto:

  • Visit his website
  • Read his book
  • Watch this really interesting talk by Garret on the links between genius and so-called mental disorders (it’s a long one so make sure you’ve got some time. And snacks).

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