Thank you, Henning Mankell


Henning Mankell

Ah, Henning Mankell. This dark and glorious Swedish author changed my life by giving the world one of my absolute favourite fictional characters; Kurt Wallander.

Kurt is a lonely man. He is a detective in the Swedish police force and is notoriously bad (as many fictional detectives are) at taking care of himself and struggles with drinking and insomnia. He has a deep well of sadness inside him.

One of the reasons I love this character so much is because of his unendingly complex relationship with his daughter – there are so many similarities to the way my relationship with my own dad has been in the past (luckily we’re through all that now and get on very well).

The second reason is that I read almost the entire Wallander series back to back whilst I was in hospital, tripping my tits off on morphine!! It was a few years ago when I was first diagnosed with colitis and had to spend several weeks in a quarantined hospital room whilst they figured out what was wrong with me. Let me tell you, morphine + intense Swedish crime novels = some freaking incredible and vivid waking dreams. Anyway (ahem), those novels were so engaging that I was able to cope with the horrors my body was putting me through, and for that I am eternally grateful.

So, thank you, Henning Mankell, for introducing me to Kurt Wallander and furnishing me some of the best and most gripping novels I have ever read when I needed them most.

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  1. Caspar

    COOL image! Nicely done 🙂

    • Eli

      Woo!! Thanks Rooroo x

      • Dad

        Love the image – I’m glad you think we get on better than Kurt and Linda – I quite agree. Love you

        • Eli

          Love you lots, Daddy – you’re my hero xxx

          Glad you like my pictures! xx

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