Thank you, Marie Forleo


Marie Forleo

I first discovered Marie Forleo about this time last year. I was floundering in a business situation which had never really made sense to me and I was totally and completely stuck.

I began following her remarkable business blog and a few short months later, signed up for her flagship business training, an 8-week extravaganza called B-School. The course begins with a short ebook entitled Start the Right Business, and it was this glorious little book which made me realise, once and for all, what business I needed to run. Not only to fully express my authentic self but also in order to be any kind of successful.

So, I dropped the work I was doing (email goddamn marketing, if you’re interested. What the hell was I thinking!!), and immediately started planning and building what is slowly becoming my dream business. It’s not quite there yet but it’s coming together and I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my work. Oh yeah, and the rest of B-School was pretty awesome too…

So, thank you, Marie Forleo, for helping me to realise that unless I followed my heart and did what I loved, there was absolutely no point in me being self-employed. Thank you for providing the common sense and practical tools I need to make it happen. Thank you for your wisdom and generosity.

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