Thank you, Ole Asbjoern Riis


Ole Asbjoern Riis

Ole Asbjoern Riis is my daddy, and he is also a genuine, honest-to-god superhero.

The reason for using this particular quote on this picture for him is three-fold:

  1. Because he does. He lights up a room like… well – like the sunshine!
  2. Because he showed me my very first sunset, and when it was over I turned to him with awe and said, “Do it again, Daddy! Do it AGAIN”
  3. Because of one of his favourite ever songs (from which this quote is taken). It’s by a lady called Randy Crawford and I remember my dad discovering her album Secret Combination¬†and then playing it OBSESSIVELY, particularly in the car as he drove us round the countryside. I cannot listen to this song without bawling my eyes out. She says it all far more eloquently than I ever could.

Thank you, Daddy, for everything. There are no words…

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