Thank you, Pablo Picasso


Pablo Picasso

Oh, Picasso…

He was playful, intense, and in love with his work, his life and his family.

I think the quality I most admire about Picasso is his refusal to settle down. He quit art school early on and forged his own path in the art world. He was constantly experimenting and changing styles and media. He wasn’t afraid to switch from painting to sculpture, and even played a starring role in founding the Cubist movement.

I have always been a little suspicious of people who advocate finding a style and producing work which generally looks the same. I’ve been to many solo exhibitions where, unfortunately, once you’ve seen one painting, you’ve seen them all. Don’t these people get bored??

I LOVE to experiment, I love finding new techniques, new tools and new ways of making a mark. My favourite artists, regardless of whether they are great masters or local hobbyists, are always the ones who are clearly HAVING FUN! Playing, experimenting, changing their minds, enjoying the processes of expression and creation. It shines through their work and ignites something special within the viewer.

So, thank you, Pablo Picasso, for being an example of what playtime can achieve. Thank you for your fearless experimentation which has given me such joy and inspiration. Thank you for sticking two fingers up at the art establishment and doing things your own way. And thank you for this.

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