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Thank you, Sir Ken Robinson - You Changed My Life

Thank you, Sir Ken Robinson


Sir Ken Robinson

I first discovered Sir Ken Robinson through his mind-blowing TED talk How Schools Kill Creativity, and I immediately knew I’d found a kindred spirit.

You see, I have rather strong opinions about the education system. I think it’s outdated, irrelevant and almost useless when it comes to teaching real world skills.

It is a dream of mine to one day open my own school with a curriculum built around creative expression, entrepreneurship, and learning how to function in the modern world. Kids would be taught about marketing and money management, they would be encouraged to question everything and develop their skills in those areas in which they excelled. Each child would play an active role in their education rather than being churned through a cookie cutter system.

Ah, one day I’ll make it happen.

In the meantime, feast your brain on this absolute gem from Sir Ken:

Thank you, Sir Ken Robinson, for showing me that my ideas have weight. Thank you for inspiring me to actually map out my ideas of a revolutionised education system on paper. Thank you for making me realise how necessary it is to make changes to the way our children are educated.

Find out more about Sir Ken Robinson:

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  1. Anna

    Hi Eli. Agreed, that talk is so powerful. The Head of our school plays it to new parents! It’s a state school so they are limited by what they can do, but they really try to push the boundaries and (unlike many places) they emphasize creativity as much as academic achievement. They also let us flexi-school – keep G at home one day per week so we can pursue our own idea of a creative education. Still, there are far too many tests and constraints for my liking. I would like to home-school but I’m not convinced that is the right way either. School is the one compromise I feel I’ve had to make in parenting and I wrestle with our choices constantly. At the moment I’m battling the Local Authority to let B start reception at 5, not at 4 – so good to watch Ken’s talk again to remind myself that I’m not mad. It’s the system that’s insane. I’m grateful to him too!

    • Eli

      Wow – you’re lucky to be a part of a school like that! It makes me very happy to know that there are schools out there who are trying to make a difference, however constrained they are by the rules. We need more like that!

      Thanks for sharing this, Anna 🙂

  2. Anna

    PS> have you read Seth Godin’s amazing book/manifesto about education: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/files/stop-stealing-dreams6print.pdf

    • Eli

      Ooh no I haven’t, but I will now! thanks, Anna x

  3. Denise Dare
    Denise Dare11-07-2013

    So happy to know you’re honoring Sir Ken Robinson, Eli!

    His RSA about Changing Education Paradigms continues to remind me why our decision to unschool our girls is so meaningful.

    I absolutely appreciate his alternative approach…to honor the individual, to encourage our creativity, to courageously march to the beat of our own rhythm.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration…and for giving thanks for Robinson’s brilliance. 🙂

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