Thank you, Stephen King


Stephen King

Ah, Stephen King. The nights I have stayed up, gleeful with terror, absorbed in the products of your dark imagination.

But, it is not so much his stupendous gift for story-telling that made me add him to this list. It has more to do with his book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.

He wrote this book after being hit by a van and sustaining some horrific injuries. As soon as he was well enough to write again, this is what came out. I think it is the best book about the craft of writing that has ever been written, and anyone who writes anything ever would benefit from reading it.

The quote in this picture is his response to the question, ‘How do you write?

Thank you, Stephen King, for not only providing HOURS of glorious entertainment, but also being a wise and engaging man. Your honesty about your craft and your demons (he battled with alcoholism for years) are inspiring. You make me want to work harder and be a better writer.

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